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Have you recently noticed a leaky roof? Or maybe your current shingles are looking run-down, and you want them replaced. Should you go with a full roof replacement or just a repair? It can be difficult to distinguish the two. Before you make your decision, continue reading to learn all about the basics of roof repair and replacement.

Do You Have A Leak, Or Seek Other Roofing Repairs?

We specialise in all types of roofing repairs, regardless of the size. If you have a leak, or any type of roofing issue and you are not aware of the cause, a professional is happy to assess the situation and easily solve the problem. We provide the following roofing repair services:

  • Shingles
  • Gutters
  • Flashing
  • Wood replacement
  • Vent removal / replacement
  • Skylight & sun tunnel replacement
  • Emergency roof repairs

Unlike a roof replacement, you\’re going to focus on a specific area. This could mean replacing a few broken shingles or fixing a few small holes. These repairs will be less labour intensive and thus less expensive. 

Roofing Repair Costs

For a roof repair, the cost will depend on what you’re repairing. Will this be a job you want to tackle? Or would you prefer a roofing professional to handle the problem? 

Some repairs can be very simple, and other extremely complicated. Some may even require additional work in order to access to heart of the problem.

Although, in most cases, leaks and other issues can be solved quite quickly. If you feel confident replacing a few shingles, you’ll need to factor in the various costs. This includes the replacement shingles and the various tools you’ll need. On the lower end, you can buy shingles from a home improvement store for under $50. You’ll also need roofing nails, caulking, a pry bar and a utility knife. 

Other common roof repair tools include roof sealants, patching fabric, and seal tape.

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